The 18th National Triennial Convention of the Public Service Alliance of Canada

The 18th National Triennial Convention of the  Public Service Alliance of Canada 
will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building

 in Toronto, Ontario

beginning Sunday, April 29, 2018, at 2:30 pm. and concluding Friday, May 4 at 12:00 pm

THEME: Solidarity in motion: Building our union, building our future 

The 2015 federal election brought the Stephen Harper era to a close, and opened new opportunities for our union to improve the lives of our members, and those of all working people. For ten years, we were on the defensive, fighting back to hold on to what we had.  Now, we can move to the offensive, and battle for better.

The Eighteenth PSAC National Triennial Convention will address what is ahead, where we want to go as a union, and how to get there. We will discuss how to become a powerful force for change through higher levels of membership participation in everything we do as a union. We will learn from each other and from keynote speakers about how best to make progress.   We will leave the convention with a common commitment to build union strength on the ground in order to build a better future for all.  

Convention call                              

September 10, 2017