Phoenix: six years and counting

The Phoenix pay system has been financially and psychologically devastating for tens thousands of PSAC members. More than half of all federal public service workers have been underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all. Incredibly, six years later, there is still no end in sight for the Phoenix pay fiasco. 

Since 2016, there hasn’t been a single pay period without issues. Paycheque after paycheque, our members are still facing constant stress and anxiety wondering if they’ll be paid correctly.  

Public service workers want to see an end to their pay problems. They deserve to be paid correctly, and to have any issues resolved quickly and within concrete timelines.

On the sixth anniversary of Phoenix, we're calling on the federal government to take urgent action to make this right. 

PSAC calls for urgent action, ongoing compensation
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PSAC's next steps to end the Phoenix pay fiasco
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