NPF Strike: Motion of Solidarity

During the February 28 meeting of the Standing Committee on National Defence, Lindsay Mathyssen, MP for London—Fanshawe, expressed solidarity with striking Non-Public Funds workers and called on Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services to bargain in good faith.

She officially gave notice of the following motion:

GIVEN THAT 40 per cent of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services workers are members of a military family;

GIVEN THAT the treatment of military families is a matter of national security;

GIVEN THAT CFMWS workers in Kingston, Petawawa, Ottawa, Valcartier, Montreal-St. Jean, and Bagotville passed a 94 per cent strike action mandate for fair wages, an equitable pay scale, and good secure jobs;

GIVEN THAT these workers have been on strike since January 15 and the employer has refused to return to the negotiating table with a fair offer; and

GIVEN THAT the CFMWS has chosen to invest in replacement labour, private security officers, and third-party negotiations consultants instead of providing a fair offer;

THEREFORE, the committee expresses solidarity with UNDE’s Non-Public Funds workers on strike and calls on the employer to bargain in good faith.

The committee will likely vote on the motion during the week of March 18, and we need to ensure committee members vote to pass the motion.

Send a letter to members of the Standing Committee on National Defence calling for their support.

If the motion passes, it would send a strong signal of support for striking NPF workers, showing their calls for fair wages and equitable treatment are endorsed at the highest levels. It would also undoubtedly make its way to Bill Blair, Minister of National Defence, and Ian Poulter, CEO of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, who have the power to give these workers a better deal.

Please take a moment to make your voice heard by signing the letter today. Your action could help move us closer to resolving the strike.



March 15, 2024