Navigating Delays: CFIA Collective Agreement Still Pending

Despite the majority of CFIA members ratifying the agreement on September 8, 2023, our PSAC bargaining team continues to be frustrated by the employer’s delay in delivering the finalized version of the new collective agreement, which stem primarily from government procedural bottlenecks. 

In light of this, PSAC is calling on the employer and the federal government to do their job, ratify the collective agreement in a timely fashion and begin its implementation without any further delay.   

We encourage members to proactively engage with your managers, urging them to expedite the process. Your involvement can play a crucial role in navigating through these bureaucratic hurdles and ensure a prompt resolution.  

Let's work together to facilitate the timely implementation of the ratified agreement. 

Learn more about the CFIA tentative agreement:  

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November 10, 2023