Common Issues

Common Issues covers 115,268 members in the Programs and Administrative Services (PA), Technical Services (TC), Operational Services (SV) and Education and Library Science (EB) bargaining groups.

While each group negotiates specific improvements to their respective collective agreements, the common issues bargaining team negotiates items that cut across all four groups. These talks are held separately from group-specific sessions.   

Common Issues bargaining team

PSAC staff: Brenda Shillington, negotiator; Pierre-Samuel Proulx, research officer; Marianne Hladun, Prairies Regional Executive Vice-President.

Members: Sargy Chima (PA group), Leanne Moss (TC group), Marcelo Lazaro (SV group), Marie-Hélène Leclerc (EB group), Kristina MacLean (SV group), Frédéric Prigot (PA group), Danielle Poissant (TC group), Rosemay Smith-Gimblett (PA group)

Our key demands at the common issues table
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