2021 Federal Party Records

PSAC has taken a look at the records of the five main parties on issues that PSAC members have told us are important to them. 

Voters are beginning to think about which parties will support workers, their communities, and set the course for Canada’s pandemic recovery.  

Will you pledge your vote for candidates who will support workers? 

A solid indicator of what a party is going to do is in what they’ve already done. They’ve made promises before. Have they kept them? If they weren’t in power to keep them, did they still take action to influence the government?  

Take a look for yourself. Select the issues that matter to you, and the table will show you which parties did what.  

The party records are a good starting point to help you make an informed vote, but they are not the only thing to keep in mind. Over the next few weeks, PSAC will flag big announcements on key issues, and provide full platform analysis once they’re released. 

Check our PSAC Votes 2021 page regularly for all the latest updates.  

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