PSAC rejects government claim that Phoenix debacle caused by admin errors

On the last day of the hearings on PSAC’s unfair labour practice complaint regarding Phoenix, the employer argued that the ongoing problems with Phoenix are caused by “administrative errors” rather than the system itself.

The employer claimed that these “administrative errors” consist of employees inputting incorrect or untimely information into the system, as well as slower-than-expected processing times.

PSAC rejects this characterization and is disappointed that the government would blame the impacted employees rather than take responsibility for the situation.

Employees deserve to be paid

PSAC’s position is that, according to the Public Service Labour Relations Act and the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment, pay is fundamental to the terms and conditions of employment.

The employer unilaterally changed those terms and conditions when it failed to pay tens of thousands of public service workers in a timely and accurate manner.

After hearing the closing arguments from both parties, the adjudicator said he will try to make a decision as quickly as he can.


September 19, 2016