PSAC condemns racism and violence in the US and Canada

The recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has exposed some of the worst forms of racism and hatred. Hundreds of white supremacists marched with Nazi symbols and salutes and clashed with counter-protesters; three people were left dead and dozens injured. PSAC stands with the victims of this violence.

This is the most recent culmination of a political climate in the US that has opened the door for many of these extremist groups to openly express hatred.

But it is important to acknowledge that this is not isolated to the US; racism is a problem here in Canada as well. There are instances of violent racism and hatred, such as the attack at a mosque in Quebec earlier this year. Racism is also perpetuated in many other ways such as the racial profiling and carding of young black men and the over-incarceration of Indigenous peoples. In Toronto, a rally was recently planned by white nationalists. Racialized people in Canada face overt and systemic racism in their daily lives.

PSAC believes we must all stand up against white supremacy and racism, in our workplaces, communities, and wherever we see it manifest. We will to continue to fight for equity and justice and we encourage our members to speak out against racism.


August 15, 2017