CCPA releases 2017 Alternative Federal Budget

Alternative Federal Budget cover


The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives today released its 2017 Alternative Federal Budget (AFB). 

High Stakes, Clear Choices: Alternative Federal Budget 2017 would address inequality, poverty, climate change and job creation.

Some of its proposed actions include:

  • Establishing a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour, indexed to inflation
  • Lowering the eligibility requirement for employment insurance
  • Directing funds raised through carbon taxes to low-income households
  • Providing families access to affordable child care and home care, and ensuring workers who provide these services are paid a living wage
  • Ending the special tax treatment Canada gives to domestic and foreign corporations

Quality public service

To ensure that Canadians receive quality public services the AFB proposes to:

  • Hire a sufficient number of federal public service employees
  • Create more permanent jobs in the federal public service
  • Create an infrastructure bank that is funded through public borrowing and not through P3s

The AFB proves there is a clear path to a more equal and sustainable future.

Public service table




March 9, 2017