December 2, 2022
Across Canada, thousands of people living with disabilities face food insecurity and poverty. A well-funded federal disability income benefit can provide the kind of stable funding necessary to address this systemic problem.
October 4, 2022
It's been almost two years since the Black Class Action (BCA) delivered its original statement of claim on systemic anti-Black racism and discrimination in the Public Service of Canada. 
July 11, 2022
In national and international press coverage, words used to describe sexual harassment in Canada’s military include: “crisis,” “scourge,” and “broken.”
June 1, 2022
The external review into Canada’s military released this week highlights the sheer magnitude of systemic violence and harassment which has impacted thousands of workers of the Canadian Armed Forces and PSAC civilian members at the Department of National Defence (DND). 
April 28, 2022
With the Independent External Comprehensive Review of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces expected to be released next month, PSAC and the Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE) are expecting that the report and its recommendations will provide yet another urgently needed push towards concrete change and accountability in Canada’s military.
March 11, 2022
PSAC applauds the Federal Court of Canada’s decision to move forward with hearing dates for the Black Class Action lawsuit despite attempts by the government’s lawyers to delay the proceedings.  
March 3, 2022
In 2020, 12 federal public service workers, including PSAC members, mobilized and filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of federal employees who identify as Black, Caribbean or of African descent. 
January 26, 2022
Today and every day, we must stand against hatred, intolerance, and racism in all its forms.
December 15, 2021
PSAC welcomes the $40 billion pledged to Indigenous child welfare by the federal government in its economic update and looks forward to a concrete plan to deliver these services to Indigenous children, youth and families in Canada without delay.