June 10, 2021
To support your FB bargaining team members, we encourage you to download and use your team’s virtual background for all your work meetings and swap out your social media profile picture. I support my bargaining team
June 10, 2021
Any questions you may have about strike votes or strike action can be answered at the virtual vote information sessions and strike preparation courses that will take place before you vote. However, to provide you with as much information as possible ahead of time, we have compiled key questions and answers for you.  10.1.1
May 14, 2020
PSAC/CIU Border Services members continue to play a pivotal role in Canada’s response to COVID-19, repatriating Canadians returning home from abroad and screening travellers at the border. Despite their ongoing efforts, CBSA management still refuses to make meaningful progress towards a new collective agreement for more than 9,000 border services officers, investigators and headquarters staff.