Wrap up

One of the questions facing stewards - and union members - is that of the relevance of unions today.

Stewards must be in a position to respond to respond to the question: Why are unions important?

Top 10 list of why unions are important:

  1. Unions bring democracy to the workplace
  2. Unions give workers a voice
  3. Unions provide a grievance process to their members
  4. Unionized workers have better working conditions
  5. Pay and benefits for unionized workers are higher
  6. Negotiated salaries for unionized workers raise the bar for non-unionized workers
  7. Social unionism addresses social issues, positively affecting change
  8. Unions play a role in creating greater equality in society
  9. National and international labour bodies advocate for workers' rights
  10. Health and safety in the workplace are key issues that unions take on

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