Women’s History Month

Image of three women holding signs that say,

This October, as we mark Women’s History Month, PSAC celebrates the women of Canada’s labour movement who, for generations, have come together and empowered themselves in the fight for justice. The women of our unions have played an important role in shaping Canada’s history for the better.

PSAC is proud of the women in our union who have been on the front lines of this work. From the ground-breaking strike by clerical workers in 1980, to our decades-long struggles for pay equity, our union stands up for women’s rights.

The inspiring story of battles led and won by PSAC women is documented in the publication PSAC Works for Women. All PSAC members should be proud of the many accomplishments of women union activists.

To honour those women, PSAC remains steadfast in our commitment to the struggle for women’s equality. We are fighting hard for:

  • A proactive federal pay equity law
  • A shared framework for universal, quality child care services, in all regions and all communities
  • Better protections in the workplace for victims of domestic violence
  • Justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women

Together we will continue to make history!


September 30, 2016