Women’s economic security must be improved

The Liberal government is in a position to take real action that would greatly improve women’s economic security.

Appearing before the House of Commons Status of Women Committee, PSAC executive director Jennifer Howard outlined some of the barriers women face to achieving economic security. They include:

  • a gender wage gap
  • a rise in precarious employment
  • a lack of access to quality, affordable child care
  • domestic violence

Each of these issues is a priority for our union, and must be priorities for the Liberal government.

Steps to improving economic security

PSAC recommended the federal government take the following steps to improve the economic security of women in Canada.

  • Speed up their timetable to introduce a new, proactive pay equity law.
  • Encourage the creation of more permanent employment opportunities in the federal public service.
  • Negotiate a federal-provincial-territorial framework that will transform child care into a publicly managed service, supported by sufficient public funding.
  • Support workplace strategies surrounding domestic violence such as paid leave, to help women take the necessary steps to re-establish their lives, and protection at work from abusive partners.

The Status of Women Committee is currently studying women’s economic security in Canada. After hearing from witnesses, the Committee will prepare a report with recommendations for the Liberal government.


March 9, 2017