Women Moving Forward, Moving Up Together

PSAC celebrates International Women’s Day

On January 21, women the world over mobilized in a stunning display of solidarity. Together, women marched to denounce racism and violence against women, as well as defend abortion access and transgender rights.

In honour of International Women’s Day, let us celebrate this solidarity and take action for equality.

Take action

The struggle for equality is far from over. The implementation of a universal child care system is one of the essential conditions for ensuring full equality for women. PSAC, along with the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada and others, is pushing the federal government to take leadership and build a quality, affordable child care system that all families can access wherever they live.

On March 8, honour International Women’s Day by:

  • Sending a message to your MP to demand a national framework on child care.
  • Sharing our International Women’s Day meme on your social media and encourage your friends to send a message to their MP.

Economic Justice for Women

This year, the UN Commission on the status of women’s priority theme will be Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work. This is an excellent opportunity for the labour movement to put forward its recommendations and promote economic justice.

PSAC will be part of the international union delegation, standing with some hundred women union activists from all over the world. Our objective is to ensure that the agreement negotiated by the Commission reflects the priorities of the labour movement, including the right to decent work, pay equity, access to high-quality child care, recognition of the rights of women domestic workers, the ramifications of domestic violence in the workplace and the recognition of the importance of public services.

2017 National Women’s Conference

The National Women’s Conference, taking place in Toronto in March as part of PSAC’s National Equity Conferences, will include a workshop on the work of the union delegation to the UN. Participants will be given tools for making politicians aware of our priorities, with a focus on international human rights.

The workshop will cover five topics: the gender wage gap, child care, the rights of domestic workers, precarious work and the ramifications of domestic violence in the workplace.

Women Moving Forward

At the bargaining table and before the courts, we fight for pay equity, employment equity, workplace health and safety, human rights and provisions that make a real contribution to the work-home balance. No question, PSAC works for women, but many challenges remain.

Wherever you are this International Women's Day, stand up for your commitment to defending women's rights.


March 8, 2017