Why does PSAC need personal information?

PSAC collects personal information of employees working in bargaining units it represents in order to fulfill its legitimate purposes. PSAC needs personal information to carry out its representational obligations and provide a variety of member services, and to communicate and engage members in union business.

For example, PSAC may need to communicate with you outside the workplace for a final offer or strike vote or to comply with other statutory obligations; to provide services related to grievances, legal services, and other advocacy and assistance; or to conduct research.

Accordingly, PSAC collects personal information in order to:

  • Assist the union in representing its members with respect to employment under collective agreements and applicable legislation
  • Investigate and resolve grievances, appeals, and claims
  • Maintain a complete record of membership in the union
  • Communicate and engage with members in union business and respond to their enquiries
  • Provide information about union membership programs and benefits
  • Provide print and online information services
  • Administer the business of the union, including component/local business, correspondence, and research (i.e., member surveys)
  • Consult with members with respect to union programs, priorities, and activities
  • Facilitate participation in union events
  • Collect and manage dues and assessments
  • Collect members’ demographic information (e.g., language preference, years of membership)
  • Verify eligibility for and administer strike pay and benefits
  • Process members’ expense claims for participation in union events or activities
  • For social and political advocacy in accordance with the mandate set out in the PSAC constitution
  • Comply with other statutory or regulatory requirements
January 16, 2017