What you need to know about Work Force Adjustment at Parks Canada

What is the Work Force Adjustment Appendix (WFAA)?

The Work Force Adjustment Appendix (WFAA) is the most important job protection document that PSAC has ever negotiated with the federal government and agencies such as Parks Canada.

It outlines the obligations that the employer, the union and you have when the employer decides that your services will no longer be required beyond a specified date. This could be because of a lack of work, the discontinuance of a function, a relocation in which you do not want to relocate or an alternative service delivery initiative.

The WFAA is a result of collective bargaining and is Appendix K of your collective agreement.

The WFAA consists of seven main parts and three annexes. Although the WFAA is the most significant document outlining job protection, it is also related to other legislation and documents including but not limited to:



September 16, 2013