What personal information does PSAC collect?

In order to fulfill its legitimate purposes, PSAC may collect personal information including your name, home mailing address, email address, telephone number, social insurance number, and demographic information such as your birth date, gender, and language preference. PSAC may also collect employment-related information including your work history, job classification, duties, rates of pay, and dues records.

Additional information may also be collected to fulfill other representational obligations or to provide specific services to you. For example, PSAC officers may collect or use additional personal information in the course of providing representation in respect of grievances or other matters arising under a collective agreement or otherwise related to your employment, or it may collect self-identification information regarding membership in an equity group in relation to the provision of specific programs or services.

PSAC is committed to ensuring that any personal information it collects, uses, discloses or retains is as accurate, current, and complete as necessary for the purposes for which it uses the data.

January 16, 2017