Union education

PSAC Education offers some of the best union education courses in the Canadian Labour Movement.

We use a popular education approach when developing our program. Our courses invite members to share their knowledge, reflect on new learning, take action and change their world for the better. Participants analyze ideas, discuss new information, solve problems and practice new skills.

The result:

Greater Confidence + Solidarity + Effective Action = Positive Change + A Stronger Union + More Justice

The broad goals of the PSAC Education program are defined by the Standing Education Committee of the National Board of Directors and outlined in the National Education Policy.

Regional Education Committees determine the education programming for each Region. To find out about courses offered near you, visit the education section of your PSAC Region’s website.

We help defray the costs of your participation and are committed to making our courses accessible to all members.

Our National Education Program is responsible for the broad framework of the PSAC Education Program, as well as policy development and administration. Each three-year cycle, we offer leadership courses through the National Education Program.

If you would prefer to take courses on-line, we offer several options through the PSAC on-line learning program.

The PSAC Education Program promotes complementary opportunities for education through the Canadian Labour Congress and the Joint Learning Program

PSAC understands that a relevant, effective and dynamic education program is vital to ensuring a diverse, engaged and sustainable membership base.

July 24, 2013