11.6 Other expenses

11.6.1 A traveller on travel status outside Canada shall be reimbursed the costs incurred for local and long-distance telephone calls necessarily placed as a result of PSAC business.  Receipts are required for all calls placed while in this travel status.

11.6.2 The costs incurred in converting reasonable sums to foreign currencies and re-converting any unused balance to Canadian currency shall be reimbursed based on receipts.  Where such receipts are not attached to the travel claim, the average of the Bank of Canada currency exchange rates shall apply, based on a random sample of days in travel status selected by the PSAC.  However, where a traveller has not provided receipts for travel in a country where a recognized tourist rate of exchange exists, this rate shall be used as the basis for calculating the reimbursement of expenses.

11.6.3 Insurance - See Section 3.2, Travel outside Canada – Insurance.

11.6.4 Travellers shall be entitled to reimbursement of the cost to cover repairs to or replacement of lost or damaged luggage while travelling, except where such coverage is provided by the airline carrier. Where coverage is not provided, travellers will require pre-approval from the PSAC prior to incurring the expense and may be required to submit a statement from the carrier.

11.6.5 When a traveller is required to proceed outside Canada on authorized PSAC business, the PSAC shall reimburse costs for obtaining an appropriate official passport or visa, and any required inoculations, vaccinations, X-rays and certificates of health, at no expense to the traveller. 

August 19, 2016