11.4 Meals

11.4.1 Daily meal allowances apply to each full day in travel status and recognize that travellers are often restricted to the vicinity of the major hotels and related higher restaurant meal costs.  The authorized rate is the established rate for the travel location and such rate has already been converted for Canadian currency rate.

11.4.2 Meals taken during part days in travel status are reimbursed in accordance with the individual meal rates as outlined in the international meal and incidental allowance rates in Appendix B.

11.4.3 Private, Government, Self-Contained, Non-Commercial accommodation

When a traveller occupies private, government, PSAC, non-commercial or self-contained accommodation while travelling on official PSAC business to a location abroad for which an authorized meal allowance has been established, an amount equal to 100 per cent of that allowance shall be paid.

11.4.4 Unspecified Rates

Where no meal allowance has been established in a given country or where sudden changes in currency exchange rates or high inflationary trends may invalidate the specified meal allowance, actual and reasonable expenses shall be reimbursed.

August 15, 2016