8.6 Excess luggage & other related expenses

8.6.1 A traveller shall be reimbursed costs incurred in transporting PSAC-owned equipment or materials at excess luggage rates, if the PSAC determines that it is necessary for the equipment or materials are to be taken on the trip. Receipts are required.

8.6.2 Excess luggage rates for personal items will not be reimbursed.

8.6.3 A traveller who is in travel status for 10 nights or more may be reimbursed the excess luggage rates. Receipts are required.

8.6.4 Travellers shall be entitled to reimbursement of the cost to cover repairs to or replacement of lost or damaged luggage while travelling, except where such coverage is provided by the airline carrier. Where coverage is not provided, travellers will require pre-approval from the PSAC prior to incurring the expense and may be required to submit a statement from the carrier.

August 15, 2016