8.3 Incidentals

8.3.1 The PSAC determines the incidental expense allowance rate which are subject to PSAC review and authorization. The PSAC meal allowance rates can be found in Appendix A

8.3.2 When overnight accommodation is authorized and used, a traveller shall be paid an incidental expense allowance that covers a number of miscellaneous expenses, including the cost of gratuities, for each day or part day in travel status as follows: 

  • when a traveller visits locations in Canada and the United States on the same day, the incidental expense allowance paid shall be that for the location where the day commences;
  • for extended periods in travel status of two months or more, the incidental expense allowance is included as part of the appropriate meal allowance rate and hence, are not reimbursed separately.
  • The incidental expense allowance is not paid where, for example, a late-night flight arrives in the traveller's headquarters area after midnight).
August 15, 2016