7.1 Reimbursement and standards

7.1.1 It is the responsibility of the PSAC to select accommodation for travellers.  The traveller shall be reimbursed for actual and reasonable expenses for commercial unionized accommodation.  Receipts are required for payments in commercial accommodation.

Unless work-related reasons require the use of specific accommodation, a traveller's request for other unionized commercial or non-commercial accommodation shall be considered in advance by the PSAC.

7.1.2 It is the responsibility of the traveller to identify himself or herself as a PSAC traveller in order to ensure the most economical and unionized rate for commercial accommodation (if one is available).

7.1.3 A list of commercial unionized accommodation in Canada is available in Appendix C.

7.1.4 All hotel accommodations are to be booked using the PSAC travel agency and charged to the personal credit card of the traveller. If the traveller does not have a personal credit card, the traveller should contact the PSAC staff responsible for the activity who will assist with the guarantee of the reservation. Traveller is then responsible for the payment of hotel expenses (unless part of a contracted room block) and is reimbursed for room and tax charges through the travel expense claim (traveller is responsible for any personal or incidental expenses that they may have charged to their room).

7.1.5 When the traveller chooses alternate commercial accommodation from that designated by the PSAC, the hotel must be unionized. The PSAC will pay the alternate hotel cost up to the maximum of the cost of authorized accommodation.

7.1.6 Travellers attending an activity on the PSAC’s behalf, where the host venue is not unionized, may be authorized to reserve accommodation at this venue, provided that alternate, reasonable, practical and unionized accommodation is not available. A brief explanation will be required as well as a Branch Director’s or AEC Officer’s approval.

August 12, 2016