6.1 Illness and injury while in travel status

6.1.1 Payment for the use of a suitable conveyance, such as an ambulance or taxi, shall be authorized where a traveller becomes ill or is injured while on duty or while in travel status and the nature of the illness or injury requires that the traveller be transported to a medical treatment facility, from the accommodation occupied while in travel status.

6.1.2 A traveller shall be reimbursed the necessary expenses incurred as a result of illness or accident occurring while in travel status, to the extent that the expenses were additional to those which might have been incurred had the traveller not been absent from home, and which were not otherwise payable to the traveller under an insurance policy, or other authority.

6.1.3 A traveller who becomes ill or is injured while in a foreign country will, where practical, be provided with a justifiable, accountable advance when incurring sizeable medical expenses.  Such advances would subsequently be repaid to the PSAC under the traveller's private insurance plans, or other authority. See Section 3.2 Travel outside Canada – Insurance.

6.1.4 When a traveller's condition resulting from illness or injury while in travel status warrants the presence of the next-of-kin or a representative of the family, actual and reasonable travel expenses in accordance with this policy may be reimbursed, subject to the PSAC National President's approval.

August 12, 2016