4.6 Privately Owned Motor Vehicle (POMV)

4.6.1 When a traveller is pre-authorized to proceed on PSAC business, travel between home and a carrier's terminal, taking into consideration the necessary luggage involved, shall be by the most economical and practical means. Use of private vehicles shall be reimbursed at the PSAC kilometric rate (see Appendix A) for the portions driven by the traveller, plus parking charges where it is cost-effective to leave a private vehicle at the public carrier's terminal during the period of absence. 

4.6.2 Travellers who are beginning or ending a period in travel status and are authorized to drive a privately owned motor vehicle to and from the carrier's terminal, such as an airport, shall be reimbursed the kilometric rate specified up to the distance between their home and the carrier's terminal. 

4.6.3 Travellers may use their own vehicles for trips where the distance does not exceed 300 kilometres one way. The PSAC may authorize alternate arrangements for specific events (such as Convention and Conferences, etc.), where commercial transportation such as train would be the approved mode of transportation and use of POMV would be up to the most economical train fare. (See Section 4.1.1)

4.6.4 When commercial transportation is not available or practical, a privately owned motor vehicle, may be authorized where this method is practical and economical. Payments in excess of those normally incurred such as road, ferry, bridge, tunnel tolls and parking charges shall be reimbursed based upon receipts. When a privately owned motor vehicle is the approved method of travel, claims for taxi fares are not normally authorized.

4.6.5 A traveller may request to travel by POMV to suit his or her own convenience; if pre-authorized the cost should not exceed the Maximum Allowed for Driving rate found in Section 4.8.

4.6.6 In the interest of safe driving, travellers should not normally be expected to drive more than:

  • 250 kilometres after having worked a full day;
  • 350 kilometres after having worked one-half day; or
  • 500 kilometres on any day when the traveller has not worked.

These guidelines apply only under the following circumstances:

  1. If commercial transportation is not available.
  2. If the use of a privately owned motor vehicle has been deemed to be the most practical method of transportation by the PSAC.
  3. If the PSAC requests that a traveller uses a privately owned motor vehicle.

For travellers who choose to use their privately owned motor vehicle to suit their own convenience, guidelines found under Section 4.8 (Maximum Allowed for Driving) shall apply.

4.6.7 The PSAC determines the kilometric allowance rates for PSAC travellers. The kilometric allowance rates are subject to PSAC review and authorization. PSAC kilometric rates can be found in Appendix A. The kilometric allowance rate payable is the rate applicable to the province or territory where the vehicle is registered. 

4.6.8 Travellers are required to use the most direct routes and claim for distances driven while on PSAC business travel (from the authorized point of departure to the destination and return and any other distances driven on PSAC business at the destination).

4.6.9 Insurance - See Section 3.4, Privately Owned Motor Vehicles-Insurance

August 12, 2016