4.5 Car rentals

4.5.1 Rental vehicles may be pre-authorized where this mode of travel is economical and practical.  The traveller is responsible for providing the reasons for the rental and the cost savings.

4.5.2 Travellers should use the PSAC Travel Agent for reservations and rentals.  The PSAC Travel Agent reserves cars with unionized companies whenever possible and at preferred rates.  Only the authorized traveller should be registered as the driver on the car rental agreement.

4.5.3 An intermediate vehicle is the usual standard.   Higher vehicle categories may be pre-authorized where the bulk or weight of the goods to be transported, or an extenuating circumstance warrants the authorization of a higher vehicle category (such as unsafe road conditions or if two or more passengers have been authorized to travel together).

4.5.4 In an emergency, where the Travel Agent cannot book car rentals, travellers should deal directly with unionized car rental companies wherever possible.

4.5.5 If the rental charges are higher than those obtained by the PSAC Travel Agent an explanation should be provided on the travel claim. Drop-off charges will be authorized where it is cost beneficial and should be pre-authorized.

4.5.6 The traveller is required to provide a credit card for all car rental reservations and at the time of pickup at the car rental location.

4.5.7 Insurance - See Section 3.3, Car Rental insurance.

4.5.8 Gasoline expenses will be reimbursed by the PSAC with receipts. Travellers are required to use the most direct routes and claim for distances driven while on PSAC business travel (from the authorized point of departure to the destination and return and any other distances driven on PSAC business at the destination).

August 12, 2016