4.3 Train

4.3.1 All rail travel is to be booked using the travel agency chosen by PSAC and charged to the PSAC Corporate Credit Card.

4.3.2 If access to the PSAC Travel Agent is unavailable or, where it is not possible to use the services of the PSAC Travel Agent, a traveller will be reimbursed the actual and reasonable unionized commercial rail transportation costs based on receipts.  In these circumstances tickets should be purchased directly from the carrier rather than through a travel agent.  Pre-approval is required and must be obtained for such travel.

4.3.3 When rail travel is authorized it should normally be by coach class.  In certain circumstances business class travel may be considered based with the approval of the appropriate signing authority.  Certain guidelines do apply and the Branch Director and/or Elected Officer will have the responsibility for approval of all business/executive class travel.

August 12, 2016