4.2 Commercial air travel

4.2.1 All reservations for commercial air travel must be booked through the PSAC Travel Agent and charged to the PSAC Corporate Credit Card.  Air transportation should be used for distances in excess of 300 km (one way). 

4.2.2 If access to the PSAC Travel Agent is unavailable or, where it is not possible to use the services of the PSAC Travel Agent, a traveller will be reimbursed the actual and reasonable unionized commercial air transportation costs based on receipts.  In these circumstances tickets should be purchased directly from the carrier rather than through a travel agent.  Pre-approval is required and must be obtained for such travel.

4.2.3 The standard for air travel is the most economical class including advanced seating assignment and the reimbursement of one (1) baggage fee for each direction of travel (if not only already included in cost of ticket) on unionized carriers

4.2.4 Reimbursement of transportation costs for airfare and accommodation to an alternate location for personal reasons will not be reimbursed. However, it will be considered if it is more effective and pre-authorized.

4.2.5 Business/Executive Class air travel may be authorized in exceptional circumstances where continuous air travel exceeds 9 hours. The Branch Director and/or Elected Officer will have the responsibility for approval of all business/executive class travel based on the recommendations from the Coordinator.

August 12, 2016