2.8 Receipts

2.8.1 If claims are submitted via the Member Expense Portal (MEP), receipts are not required unless selected for audit upon submission. Receipts must be retained by the traveller for a period of 2 years after the activity in case of future audits by the PSAC.

For claims submitted in hard copy form, original receipts must accompany the claim in order to be processed.

2.8.2 If a traveller is claiming return taxi, toll or ferry fares, he/she should submit a receipt for the return portion. However, one receipt is sufficient proof of payment, if the traveller attaches a receipt to his/her claim and indicates on the expense claim form that the amount being claimed is the fare times two (e.g. $25 x 2 = $50).  Should the receipt for the return fare be in excess of the amount reimbursed an additional claim may be submitted for the additional amount of the return fare. 

2.8.3 The only expenses for which receipts are not required are as follows: 

  • meal allowances (unless otherwise specified);
  • incidental expense allowances;
  • taxis utilized for which the cost is $10.00 or less;
  • kilometric allowance;
  • parking meters or tolls.
August 12, 2016