2.7 PSAC Travel Authorization & Requisition for Advance-Internal form

2.7.1 The PSAC Travel Authorization and Requisition for Advance is for internal use only and must be completed by PSAC staff. The form contains the following information:

  •  the travel authorization number and budgetary codes;
  •  the purpose and duration of the trip;
  •  the location to be visited;
  •  the dates and times of arrival and departure;
  •  any pre-paid transportation, meals or accommodation;
  •  the modes and classes of transportation authorized;
  •  vehicle rental authorization, including vehicle size;
  •  the amount of the travel advance authorized;
  •  the types of accommodation, locations and daily rate;
  •  other projected expenses involved, e.g., weekend travel home; and, any special arrangements.
August 12, 2016