2.1 Authorization

2.1.1 It is the PSAC’s responsibility to determine, when, where, by whom and by what means of travel will be undertaken and to select the mode and class of transportation and the accommodation to be used, subject to the provisions of this policy. All travel must be pre-authorized.

2.1.2 Personal travel can be booked through the PSAC Travel Agency but must be charged to a personal credit card.

2.1.3 Individuals travelling on PSAC business are entitled to transportation and accommodation that is comfortable and of good quality.  Allowance, rates, reimbursements and conditions of payment shall be sufficient to meet reasonable, legitimate expenses that are necessarily incurred as a result of the requirement to travel.

2.1.4 It is the responsibility of the person authorizing travel and the traveller to be familiar with this policy. Any questions regarding the application of this policy should be reviewed with the person authorizing the travel.

2.1.5 As a general rule, on a normal working day, travel is to commence from the traveller’s headquarters area.

2.1.6 For travel of distances over 100 km, car rental or when using commercial transportation and/or when overnight accommodation is required, a PSAC Travel Authorization and Requisition for Advance shall be completed by the PSAC staff arranging the travel.

2.1.7 Should a change in itinerary on route occur or if emergency travel is required, where pre-authorization is not possible, approval will be in accordance with the PSAC Travel Policy.

2.1.8 Where travel is continuous in nature, the authorization may be provided monthly. Example: unusual circumstances such as short term relocation.

2.1.9 Approval of all changes from the pre-authorized travel arrangements, such as adjustments to itinerary, changes in mode of transportation, revisions to work schedules that affect, for example, weekend travel home, and alterations to overnight accommodation arrangements should be obtained in advance.

2.1.10 An explanatory note concerning items not pre-authorized or changes to pre-authorized items should be included with the expense claim or a notation made on the claim.

August 12, 2016