Trans Day of Remembrance

November 20 is Trans Day of Remembrance.

November 20 is the Trans Day of Remembrance. On this day, we commemorate the transgender and transsexual people we have lost and honour those who continue to suffer from violence, hatred and discrimination in our communities and in our workplaces.

PSAC re-commits to fighting for trans human rights, both at the bargaining table and on the political stage.

The Liberal Party promised in their election platform to introduce legislation to add gender identity as a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, and to the list of distinguishing characteristics of “identifiable groups” protected by the hate speech provisions in the Criminal Code. This comes after years of similar legislation being introduced as private members’ bills and then being stalled or sabotaged by the Conservative-dominated Senate.

PSAC continues to negotiate groundbreaking human rights protections for our trans members. In June 2015, Treasury Board agreed to recognize gender identity and expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination in the PA collective agreement – representing more than 80,000 workers.

At our most recent national convention, union members voted overwhelmingly to continue fighting for protections for gender identity/expression and for gender neutral washrooms in all workplaces.

Trans people are our colleagues, our neighbours, our friends and beloved members of our families. They deserve respect, equality and protection from discrimination and violence.

We are committed to fighting for trans rights at the bargaining table, on Parliament Hill and in all of our workplaces and communities.


November 10, 2015