December 4

Throne Speech lays out positive commitments

The Speech from the Throne has outlined some major Liberal commitments that will require major investments in the public service.

“While the Speech did not include any specific commitment to restoring federal public services, we will be looking to the government’s first budget to include the necessary resources to allow the public service to implement these commitments,”   said PSAC national president Robyn Benson.

The Speech did outline some very positive commitments to:

March 12

8 public service issues that should decide this federal election

The 2015 election is an opportunity to set a different course for our country.  When you go to the polls this year, bear in mind the Conservative government’s record on the public services Canadians depend on.

July 10

La version conservatrice des régimes à prestations cibles compromet la sécurité du revenu à la retraite

Le gouvernement conservateur vient de terminer à une consultation sur son projet de réforme de la Loi sur les normes de prestation de pension (LNPP). Son but : y inclure les régimes à prestations cibles. Son enthousiasme pour cette formule nous incite à la vigilance.

July 10

Conservatives’ version of target benefit pension plans a threat to retirement security

The Conservative government has just finished a consultation process about their proposal to change the federal Pension Benefits Standards Act to include target benefit pension plans. They’re enthusiastic about this type of pension plan which is a good reason to pay attention.

July 10

Position de l’AFPC sur le document de consultation du Ministère des Finances, intitulé Innover en matière de pensions, dans l’intérêt des Canadiennes et des Canadiens : Les régimes à prestations cibles


July 10

Position of the PSAC on a Department of Finance consultation paper: Pension Innovation for Canadians: the Target Benefit Plan


July 10

Aperçu des régimes à prestations cibles et de la proposition des conservateurs

Il est facile, à première vue, de confondre le régime à prestations cibles et le régime à prestations déterminées. Dans les deux cas, l’employeur et les employés y cotisent et les retraités touchent des prestations de retraite.

July 10

Target benefit pension plans and what the Conservatives have planned

At first glance, a target benefit pension plan looks like a plan where the employer and employees contribute and retirees know how much they can expect when they retire.

April 29

Régimes à prestation cible : une nouvelle menace

Le gouvernement conservateur fédéral s’attaque férocement à la sécurité du revenu des Canadiens à la retraite en voulant imposer un régime à prestation cible (PC) aux travailleuses et travailleurs soumis à la réglementation fédérale

April 29

Target benefit plans: the latest attack on workers’ pensions

The Conservative federal government has launched an unprecedented attack on the retirement security of all Canadians. Their proposal is to push target benefit pension plans on federally-regulated workers that have defined benefit plans


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