Contracting out

December 4, 2019
The October election brought Canadians a minority Liberal government. That means PSAC and other unions will be able to more effectively lobby and fight for the things that matter to you and your families. Phoenix The Parliamentary Budget Officer has said the Phoenix situation could continue until 2023, yet government funding commitments so far have fallen significantly short of what is needed to end the Phoenix nightmare.  PSAC will continue pressing for enough funding and urgent action:
September 25, 2019
Hiring more federal public sector workers would benefit the Canadian economy and support a strong, diverse middle class, a new study suggests.
April 4, 2019
When talking about integrity and ethics, this federal government has said all the right things. The changes to the Integrity Regime for Procurement were meant to ensure that the government only conducts business with ethical companies – that our tax dollars and public services are used for good, and not corruption, fraud or predictable mismanagement.    This, however, is at odds with the current behaviour of senior government officials when it comes to their dealings with SNC Lavalin and other companies.  
March 29, 2019
With a low GDP to debt ratio, and a manageable deficit, this government had the opportunity to invest in making life better for everyone. While there are some initiatives that we applaud, so much more could have, and should have been done. Here are some highlights:
March 30, 2016
Last week, a news report suggested that Shared Services Canada hired the services of a consulting firm to explore the possibilities of outsourcing of our member's jobs. SSC confirms there will be no outsourcing Immediately following these reports, PSAC/GSU was in touch with department officials to get clarification. Ron Parker, president of Shared Services Canada provided assurances on a conference call that the consulting firm report from 2014 was never meant to be implemented and that our members will not incur any job losses.
March 25, 2016
Budget 2016 could create the conditions for more privatization, outsourcing and centralization in the federal public service.