TC bargaining team exchanges demands with Treasury Board

After many months of preparation, our TC bargaining team sat down with the employer July 8 – 10 in Ottawa to begin the bargaining process.  We exchanged initial proposals with the employer and presented our package of demands.

Focus on our priorities

Our proposals are aimed at making improvements to your collective agreement and strengthening your rights in the workplace. While we foresee another very difficult round of bargaining, we explained to the employer why our proposals are important to TC members across the country.

Protecting sick leave

Defending our sick leave benefits is going to be a focus of this round.  The employer gave us a presentation about introducing a short-term disability plan, but did not table an actual proposal on sick leave. The PSAC filed a bad faith bargaining complaint over recent Treasury Board communications on sick leave.

The employer’s package contains concessions that would negatively impact members’ rights, including an insulting monetary “offer” of 0.5% per year, for a four-year contract. We remain firm, and have told the employer that we will not be accepting any concessions. 

Fighting to implement the expired agreement

We repeatedly told the employer that it must fully implement the former TC collective agreement. PSAC has filed a grievance with the Public Service Labour Relations Board and continues to push the matter at the bargaining table. It is outrageous that members are still waiting for money owed to them under the former collective agreement. We are refusing all employer excuses and requests for extensions. It needs to act now!

Another outstanding issue from the last round of bargaining involves the disclosure of retention and recruitment data for Labour Affairs Officers. The information received from the employer to date has been woefully inadequate. PSAC will be challenging this in front of the Public Service Labour Relations Board.

Your team is committed

Progress was made on one item: we signed off on Appendix I, the MOU Concerning EG Employees in the Sea Lamprey Control Unit. The change is an overdue correction to the language; the reference to 25.08 has been corrected to read 25.10.

We will push hard to get you a strong contract, and we’ll keep you updated throughout the process. 

·         Meet your TC Bargaining Team

·         Consult our full package of proposals as well as the employer’s proposals

Note that where you see the term ‘reserve’ indicates those demands that are still being finalized.



July 14, 2014