TC bargaining team says no to concessions

Our TC bargaining team resumed negotiations with Treasury Board from September 9-11. We continued to advance our members’ demands, making the case for improvements to our collective agreement. Cross-table committee work also continued from September 8-12, where team members helped to advance complex bargaining issues.

At the table, the team promoted members’ rights, including discipline, hours of work, no discrimination, acting assignments, and other articles. We reminded the employer that their right to manage is not unfettered. For example, members under investigation are innocent until proven guilty – something that appeared to come as news to some members of the employer’s bargaining team.

We were able to sign off small changes to Standby, Overtime and Reporting Pay, but a lot of work remains to improve our collective agreement and deny the employer’s many concessions.

Standing together for sick leave

This week, the government presented the same proposal to gut sick leave to all of the Treasury Board bargaining tables. Among other things, the government’s proposal calls for a short-term disability plan, the elimination of sick leave banks and a max of 37.5 hours of sick leave a year. Our team joined all PSAC bargaining teams in rejecting this proposal.

Welcoming new members

The TC team has changed since it was elected earlier this year. At the UNDE triennial convention in August, June Winger was elected Executive Vice-President, a full-time position with her component. A few weeks later, Suzanne Arsenault won a competition for a position with the Ontario government, proving once again that there continues to be retention and recruitment issues for this bargaining unit. Our team wishes both of them well in their new positions.

Replacing June and Suzanne are Jean Cloutier and Milton Dyck. Jean is an EG and the Alternate Regional Vice President for Eastern Quebec for the Agriculture Union. And Milton is also an EG and the 3rd National Vice President for the Agriculture Union, based in Saskatchewan.


The team attended a solidarity BBQ with members from PSAC, PIPSC, the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) and other unions who form part of the “solidarity pact” on September 10. Solidarity across classifications, locals, regions and unions is essential for success.

Our team looks forward to speaking with you at upcoming meetings, rallies, and events – please attend these events and show your support for negotiations! We all must stand together and fight for what is right for our members, our families, our public services and our country.

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September 12, 2014