SV bargaining team tells TB to negotiate improvements, not claw backs to sick leave

Our SV bargaining team was back at the negotiation table with the Treasury Board from September 9 to 11. Discussions continued over the three days with questions being asked from both sides to clarify the proposals tabled. Our team took every effort to focus attention on our proposals. 

This week, the government presented the same proposal to gut sick leave to all of the Treasury Board bargaining tables. Among other things, the government’s proposal calls for a short-term disability plan, the elimination of sick leave banks and a max of 40 hours of sick leave a year. Our team joined all PSAC bargaining teams in rejecting this proposal.

We were also very clear in our response to the employer that we were at the table to negotiate improvements that will benefit our members, such as fair wages.

They also made note that in regards to Retroactive pay that they were looking at a maximum of twelve months, although there was no formal proposal tabled on this subject.

There were also changes to the SV bargaining team, as Brother Louis Cannon was elected to a full time position as a regional vice-president with the UCTE. The SV bargaining team wishes Brother Cannon all the best in his new position. We also welcome Brother Bill Ryan a ships crew member from St. Johns who will replace Brother Cannon on the SV bargaining team.

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September 12, 2014