SSO bargaining teams reach agreement on assigned work week

Bargaining teams for both the Regional Office and Field Interviewer groups have finally reached the finish line in our protracted round of bargaining with Treasury Board.

The two teams met jointly with SSO on May 26, 27 and 28, 2015, to negotiate language to ensure that the employer corrects inconsistencies between an employee’s assigned work week and the actual hours worked by the employee.

Both boards of arbitration ruled on all of the other outstanding issues between the parties, but directed that PSAC and SSO return to the bargaining table to resolve this issue.

On May 28, the parties signed off on language, finally bringing the 2011-2014 round of bargaining to an end.

The new provision of both collective agreements now reads as follows: “In the event that an employee believes that his/her assigned workweek is inconsistent with his/her actual hours, the employee may request a review by the Employer. In the event that the review confirms such inconsistencies, the Employer will make every reasonable effort to correct such inconsistencies accordingly, on a go forward basis, for the following pay period.”

Interviewers are strongly encouraged to flag to their senior interviewers or their data collection managers as soon as possible if they are working more hours than provided for in their assigned work week.

Also at the bargaining table last week, the employer confirmed that the new wage rates contained in the arbitral awards will be implemented effective June 3, 2015. Employees will receive their retroactive pay on June 2, 2015. Former employees will receive their retroactive pay cheques dated June 2, 2015, via Canada Post.

The arbitral awards were effective the date they were released, March 30, 2015. Due to many delays in this past round of bargaining, including a long wait time for a date for judicial review before the Federal Court, the new collective agreements have already expired. Notice to bargain has already been filed with the employer and PSAC will be holding an SSO Bargaining Conference later this year when the new bargaining teams will be elected.

Please visit the PSAC national union’s website, for further information, including questions and answers on severance pay.

You FI and RO Bargaining Teams thank you for your support!



June 1, 2015