Severance and Layoff

How much severance pay do I get if I am laid off due to a workforce adjustment situation?

Severance pay under the provisions of the collective agreement is in addition to any WFA payments, such as thetransition support measure (1.1.36). The severance payprovisions in the collective agreement provide for severance due to lay-off, which will be paid to employees in certain WFA situations.

In the following situations under the WFAA, an employee is entitled to severance pay for lay-off:

  • if you refuse a reasonable job offer;
  • if you are laid-off because you cannot be re-trained within 2 years;
  • if you are a surplus employee who resigns;
  • if you are an opting employee who chooses Option A (12 month surplus priority period) and you do not get a reasonable job offer within one year;
  • if you are an opting employee who chooses Option B (resignation with a transition support measure)
  • If you are an opting employees who chooses Option C (resignation with an education allowance andtransition support measure)
  • in certain Alternative Delivery Situations (see Alternative Delivery Initiatives and Article 7.9.3 of the WFAA)

The amount of severance pay you will receive is the number of weeks payable according to your completed years of continuous employment (as specified in the Severance Payarticle in your collective agreement), minus any severance you have already cashed out.

For other questions about severance pay, see Treasury Board bargaining: Questions and answers on severance



September 17, 2013