Role of the union in the WFA committee

Union members in a WFA committee have an extremely important  role to play. They need to approach  their  work on the committee in a strategic and informed fashion. They must make opportunities to meet amongst themselves and possibly with other union activists  to help prepare them for their meetings with the employer.

The make-up  of the union side strategy  committee  must  reflect the diversity  of the membership.  An important part of the work that the committee does will be to communicate member concerns to the employer and employer plans to the members.

Actions that the strategy committee will have to undertake include:

  • communicating information to members in a timely manner
  • communicating concerns from members to the employer
  • ensuring that members are aware of their rights and have access to union representation throughout the process
  • advising members to access all their personal files and to provide the employer with any information  in regards to resume, training  and experience that can help identify job opportunities.
  • ensure that line managers and supervisors implement the process in accordance with decisions made at the WFA committee
  • encourage members to take courses and access available job placement tools
  • identify unnecessarily stressful  situations  to the employer and assist members in dealing with stress by providing them with accurate information and identifying Employee Assistance  Programs and other possible stress aids if required
  • make decisions about any political or grievance actions that may be required if the employer refuses to meet its obligations or behaves in an arbitrary fashion.
  • encourage members to attend meetings and actively engage in the fight to protect their jobs with respect to WFA but also with respect to broader union campaigns against government cuts.


November 28, 2011