Public Service Dental Plan

PSAC won a dental plan for our members employed by Treasury Board through a binding conciliation board decision dated October 28, 1986.

While the Public Service Dental Plan covers all employees in the public service and in some separate agencies, PSAC negotiates separately from the other bargaining agents and generally leads the way with demands.  The PSAC Dental Plan Board of Management is made up of a chairperson and three representatives each from the PSAC and the employer.

PSAC Dental Plan

Note that the PSAC plan is number 55666 and that for other bargaining agent members fall under plan 55555. While your plan number doesn't, at this time, make a difference in terms of the benefits you receive, it does affect who hears any appeal you might make (i.e. representatives of the PSAC or representatives of other bargaining agents).

Recent improvements to the plan

Revisions to the plan are listed on the Treasury Board website.


February 2, 2010