Public Interest Commission recommends wage increases for Non-Public Funds workers

A Public Interest Commission (PIC) has recommended sweeping wage increases for Non-Public Funds workers (NPF) at Canadian Forces Base Bagotville and the Montreal and St-Jean region. 

Non-Public Funds members provide vital programs and services to Canadian Armed Forces members and their families, yet they are some of the lowest-paid federal public sector workers in Canada. 

At the PIC hearing, PSAC argued that the employer needed to address wage gaps for NPF workers, whose wages lag far behind their peers in the industry.  

Although the Commission did not provide explicit recommendations on comparable groups as was hoped, it agreed with PSAC that the current pay grids are inadequate and that the employer’s offer during bargaining was insufficient. 

The Commission recommended an improved pay grid with six equivalent steps that would provide average wage increases of 11 per cent for all civilian workers retroactive to 2019, and a two per cent increase to the maximum rate of pay. The restructured grid would also shorten the time it takes for workers to reach the final step (job rate) from six years to five years. 

The Commission also recommended a shorter three-year contract with a higher economic increase in the third year than the employer has put forward.

The Commission recommends the following wage increases for employees: 







The improvements in the PIC reports represent a significant step forward from what the employer has offered at the bargaining table. PSAC is calling on the employer to return to the table with a new mandate and provide the wage adjustments that NPF members deserve.  

See the full reports from The Public Interest Commission:

Canadian Forces Base Bagotville

Montreal and St-Jean region


August 10, 2020