PSDCP Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are dental implants covered?

    • Yes, as of January 1, 2019, dental implants are eligible for coverage.  You should ensure that your dental professional gets pre-authorization on any work before it’s done.  If you are deemed eligible, implants are covered at 50%, up to the annual maximum of $2,000 as of January 1,2019.  (The annual maximum increases to $2,250 on Jan. 1, 2020 and $2,500 on Jan 1. 2021)
  • Why weren’t orthodontics increased in the recent arbitration decision?

    • In the recent update, we successfully obtained a number of improvements to the Plan.  Treasury Board’s position at the table was that any changes must be cost-neutral, and it never moved from that position.  After a lack of progress at the bargaining table, PSAC requested the intervention of an arbitrator who rendered a legally binding decision. While we won substantial gains through the arbitrator’s decision, we did not make gains on orthodontic coverage. This will be a high priority for PSAC in the next round of negotiations.
  • I’m a retired member.  Why hasn’t my plan been updated to reflect the recent improvements that PSAC negotiated?

    • Unlike the Public Service Health Care Plan, where active employees and retirees are both in the same plan, the retiree dental plan is a separate plan with different terms.  The National Association of Federal Retirees consults on the terms of that plan.  If you wish to obtain more information on the retiree dental plan, please contact NAFR.
  • How can I provide input?

    • We are currently not accepting input for proposals.  As the time approaches to begin a new round of negotiations for the dental plan, we will seek input via a survey that will be shared with members.  Notification will be sent out when the next survey is posted.  Please sign up for PSAC’s E-new to ensure that you are notified. 

PSAC-Public Service Dental Care Plan Covered organizations and members:

Treasury Board
Canada Revenue Agency
Parks Canada Agency
Statistical Survey Operations
Office of the Auditor General
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
National Capital Commission
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
Communications Security Establishment
House of Commons
Library of Parliament
Senate of Canada
National Gallery of Canada
Canadian Museum of History
National Museum of Science & Technology
Canadian Museum of Human Rights
Canadian Museum of Nature
National Battlefields Commission
Canadian Centre of Occupational Health & Safety
Great Lakes Pilotage Authority, Cornwall
Laurentian Pilotage Authority
Atlantic Pilotage Authority, Halifax, N.S.

May 24, 2019