PSAC/UTE team will make case for a fair contract before Public Interest Commission (PIC) October 8 - 9

For over two years, our bargaining team has been pushing for new protections for PSAC/UTE members at CRA. Protections against layoff, contracting out of our work, new rights in the context of scheduling and hours of work, rights that would allow employees more say in which hours they work and would provide for seniority recognition and more permanent employment. Our proposals in these areas reflect what has already been agreed to by other federal employers. We are looking for fair annual wage increases that would ensure compensation keeps pace with inflationary trends. Yet we remain in dispute with CRA in all of these areas.

Sick leave

In recent negotiations, Treasury Board has proposed draconian cuts to the sick leave provision of PSAC members employed by Treasury Board.

  • By law, the CRA cannot propose changes to our sick leave until this round of bargaining is done and a newly negotiated collective agreement has been ratified.
  • In short, a three-year agreement would ensure that cuts to our sick leave cannot be put on the table for negotiation this year
  • CRA and the Harper government want a two-year agreement so that they can propose cuts to our sick leave. Our position is three years. 

We will fight to defend our sick leave. No PSAC agreement with any core federal public service employer has been for less than 3 years. Our agreement with CRA should be no different. We will be making our case on this and other matters before the PIC this week.


Under federal legislation, the Commission has 30 days following the hearing to submit its recommendations.  This deadline can be extended if deemed necessary by the Chair of the Commission.  The Commission’s recommendations are non-binding. 

Join thousands of fellow PSAC/UTE members across the country today in wearing a sticker in support of winning a fair settlement and in defending our rights.

If you have any questions or concerns, or for more information on our proposals or PIC process, speak with your Local President, UTE RVP.



October 8, 2014