PSAC’s Phoenix complaint to be heard this week

Hearings on PSAC’s unfair labour practice complaint filed with the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board will begin next week on Sept. 12, 2016.

Our union is arguing that Treasury Board has violated the Public Service Labour Relations Act by not providing timely and accurate pay to its employees.

According to the Act, the employer is not allowed to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of employment while it is in collective bargaining with the union. We believe that by failing to provide timely and accurate pay, the employer has broken the law.

What we want:

  • For the PSLREB to affirm that the government’s failure to pay its employees is a violation of the Public Service Labour Relations Act.
  • To require the employer to provide our members with timely and accurate pay.
  • To make the employer compensate our members for the damages caused by the implementation of the Phoenix pay system.
  • To force the employer to acknowledge that the problems caused by Phoenix have negatively affected the credit rating of many of our members. Since our members can be refused security clearance if they have a bad credit rating, the employer should ensure that this does not happen.


  • PSAC filed the complaint in June 2016 in light of the problems with the Phoenix pay system.
  • Five days have been set aside for the hearing next week, but it may take some time for PSLREB to make a decision.
  • PSAC, along with other unions, also filed a court application in June to force the federal government to pay workers affected by Phoenix. We expect hearings for this to take place in the near future.
  • PSAC will also be back at the bargaining table with Treasury Board next week.



September 9, 2016