The PSAC staffing process

Types of positions available at the PSAC

Most of PSAC’s available positions are permanent. The PSAC, however, often offers short and long-term temporary positions.

The most highly sought positions are in the fields of organizing, grievances and arbitration, legal services and human rights, communications and general administration.

Profile of the ideal candidate

To achieve its objectives, PSAC aims to hire competent staff. Each posted position contains a list of specific qualifications. Generally speaking, the ideal candidate:

  • has experience in the field relevant to the position;

  • has training relevant to the position requirements or, has a good combination of experience and education in the field relevant to the position;

  • is clearly committed to the union or social justice movement in the broad sense of the term;

  • subscribes to union values and employment equity principles;

  • is familiar with PSAC’s political and operational structure.

Who can apply?

Applications are based on the competition parameters of the positions:

  •  “Internal” level refers to employees of PSAC, Components and PSAC Holdings Ltd.;

  • “Member” level refers to members of PSAC or its Components;

  • “Public” level refers to the general public.

How to submit a job application:

The PSAC members in good standing must must create an account and validate their membership information or they must submit an application online and provide their membership number.
All other candidates from the general public must submit their application online.

How does one apply for positions reserved for equity groups?

When positions are reserved for members of one or more equity groups, interested candidates must follow the general procedure on submitting applications and must indicate the equity group to which they belong by completing and submitting the online self-id questionnaire.

How do you know your application has been selected for an interview?

Only those candidates selected for an interview and/or an examination will be contacted.

I am a member. What happens to my public servant status or to my benefits if I am hired by PSAC?

If you occupy a permanent position with PSAC, you are no longer considered a government employee. However, some provisions pertaining to benefits and your pension plan do exist.

If you occupy a temporary position, it depends on the type of “leave” you were granted and the length of your mandate. In general, your status as a public servant does not change.

In all cases, please contact your Human Resources Department in a timely fashion for more details.

November 5, 2013