PSAC Enhanced Coverage

Many PSAC members have enrolled for additional life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for themselves and their spouses and dependents provided under the PSAC Enhanced Coverage program. This coverage remains in effect until October 1st of the year following the year the PSAC member attains age 66. While employed, the required premium payments for the PSAC Enhanced Coverage program are deducted from salary. In the event of retirement prior to age 66 this coverage can continue provided arrangements are made to remit the required premium payments directly to the plan administrator. Also, at age 66, the PSAC Enhanced Coverage can be converted to a personal life insurance policy without evidence of insurability.

Members enrolled in the PSAC Enhanced Coverage program are encouraged to contact the plan administrator at any of the coordinates below to discuss options and arrangements in advance of an impending retirement from the Federal Public Service:

Coughlin and Associates Ltd
P.O. Box 3518, Station « C »
Ottawa ON K1Y 4G1
Telephone No :
Ottawa-Gatineau Region:
(613) 231-2266
Rest of Canada : 1 888 613-1234
Facsimile No.: (613) 231-2345

December 10, 2015