Child care

Robyn Benson is a proud grandmother. But when she was a struggling single parent in the early 1980s in Winnipeg, she had very few child care options. In a new video released by PSAC, the union’s national president describes the hard choices she had to make when there was no other support available. 

A family plays together outside under a tree

Spring into action for child care

PSAC members organized creative events during the Spring into Action for Child Care week of action, May 10–17, 2015. 

Joined by parents, child care workers and other supporters, they demonstrated the need for affordable, universal child care. Stay tuned for actions in the coming months to help promote the need to Vote Child Care in 2015.

In the meantime:

Get others to join the conversation

Think child care is a worthwhile issue? Talk about it! And get others to join in on the conversation. Download the campaign guide to hosting a “Kitchen Table Conversation” on childcare.

Tell your story

Everyone knows a good child care story. Tell us how you or someone you know is affected by the lack of affordable, quality, regulated child care.

A vision for universal childcare

What would childcare look like if the government really cared?

What could childcare look like in 2020, if our federal and provincial governments actually invested in a universal and affordable system?

Here are some ideas.

Comprehensive universal childcare for the next generation. That is the vision of Childcare 2020.

We are ALL Affected by the lack of affordable, quality child care. 
Let’s Rethink Child Care!