PSAC a Proud Ally of GLBT Communities

PSAC pride flag

PSAC Pride Statement 2015

Over the next few months, members and allies of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities will celebrate their victories in the long struggle for equality and human rights.

PSAC is proud of what we have achieved through collective bargaining, litigation and mobilization for our GLBT members. We are proud to say that PSAC Works for GLBT Rights.

PSAC members have overcome many obstacles in the workplace and in society to win significant gains for all GLBT persons, and they continue to do so. At the PSAC National Convention in Québec city last April, delegates took a strong stand in support of trans rights.

PSAC will intensify our lobby to officially recognize the human right of trans people under the Canadian Human Rights Act and in the Criminal Code (Bill C-279). At the bargaining table, we will keep raising the importance of accommodating workers in transition. In fact, we’ve recently succeeded in getting Treasury Board to accept our proposal to include gender identity and expression to the prohibited grounds of discrimination in the collective agreements of more than 80,000 of our members. We are also developing a “positive spaces” campaign to promote respect and dignity for all GLBT people in the workplace.

PSAC is out and loud in reaffirming our union’s commitment to human rights for all members of the GLBT communities. Happy Pride 2015!



June 25, 2015